Telstra introduced new mobile plans that give customers the option of removing excess data charges, as the operator pledged to invest AUD5 billion ($3.7 billion) in its network.

The Australian operator said in a statement the new mobile plans were part of its Telstra2022 strategy, unveiled last month, and gives its customers a “Piece of Mind” data option which kicks in if they run out of their included data allowance.

The Piece of Mind option caps data speeds at 1.5Mb/s, “which is typically suitable for streaming video in standard definition on a smartphone, listening to music, browsing the web and accessing social media”, said the company.

It is included on select new plans or can be added on for AUD10 a month.

CEO Andrew Penn said Australians “want cost certainty” and the freedom to use smartphones and tablets without worrying about excess charges.

He also noted that data traffic on its network was increasing at 50 per cent year on year, and its customers often were forced to curb their smartphone use when they reach their data limit.

“We’re ending this frustration with the introduction of Peace of Mind Data which makes excess data charges a thing of the past,” he said.

Ultimate plan
As part of the tariff revamp, one of the most notable offerings is the company’s Ultimate plan which provides customers unlimited data at a cost of AUD199. The company also launched a new app, which makes it easier to access and control their package.

In addition to the new plans, Penn revealed that the push around data would be underpinned by improving network quality enabled through a AUD5 billion investment.

“In addition to investing in product innovation, we are investing AUD5 billion in our network over the three years to 30 June 2019, increasing capacity to cater for increased mobile data use which is currently growing at 50 per cent each year,” he said.