KT’s mobile and overall growth stalled in the final quarter of 2022 despite higher ARPU driven by customers shifting to 5G plans and gains in its non-telecoms units.

The Korea-based operator added just over 2 million 5G subscribers to end 2022 with 8.4 million, accounting for 62 per cent of total mobile users, which slipped 2.9 per cent year-on-year to 13.8 million.

Wireless revenue was flat at KRW2.4 trillion ($1.9 billion), while handset sales inched up 1.4 per cent to KRW878 billion. ARPU improved 5.4 per cent to KRW33,542.

Broadband sales rose 5.3 per cent to KRW605.3 billion and fixed telephony was flat at KRW228.7 billion.

Its media and mobile platform businesses grew 5.2 per cent to KRW565.5 billion and B2B 7.5 per cent to KRW538.6 billion.

Net profit declined 42.8 per cent to KRW242.6 billion, due to extraordinary gains in Q4 2021, with operating revenue unchanged at KRW6.6 trillion.

Full-year capex across all subsidiaries was up marginally to KRW3.5 trillion, with the number for its telecoms units dipping 1.4 per cent to KRW2.7 trillion.