KT added Amazon’s Alexa AI to its own GiGA Genie service to enable dual-language functionality for its range of smart home devices.

The operator dubbed the combination Dual Brain AI, explaining it enables users to access smart home products in Korean or English. The dual-language functionality is initally available on its latest GiGA Genie 3 speaker, though the operator outlined plans for the entire installed base of 3.1 million devices to be compatible by end-June.

KT detailed potential use cases for the dual language functionality in education and business sectors for people looking to improve their English.

A display card feature allows the GiGA Genie speakers to connect to a TV screen, giving users access to English text and images as well as voice.

KT and Amazon partnered in May 2021 to develop services combining their voice assistants features as part of an interoperablity initiative.

They plan to expand the scope of the cooperation beyond devices to include premium content such as Spotify, KT stated.