KDDI and Aisan Technology, a developer of 3D software, agreed to create a platform using 3D maps to control drones and autonomous vehicles as part of a broader Japanese technology research programme.

The operator stated research will be conducted at its laboratory in Fujimino City, with the aim to start demonstrations in 2022. KDDI and Aisan Technology will focus on developing interfaces to link location information to a control centre through the cloud and a 3D radio wave propagation model for mobile communications.

They will also work on a hybrid architecture combining mobile and satellite communications.

The cooperation is in response to a call for proposals for the Beyond 5G R&D Promotion Project initiated by Japan’s Information and Communication Research Organisation.

KDDI and Aisan Technology will develop a Beyond 5G network to connect drones and self-driving vehicles.

Aisan Technology entered into a business and capital alliance with KDDI in 2017.