Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) received a licence from the Office of the Communications Authority to offer mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) services in Hong Kong.

HKBN, a provider of fibre broadband service, will provide mobile telecom services to both the residential and coporate markets as early as August using the infrastructure of Hong Kong’s existing mobile network operators. The company signed an agreement with China Mobile and is in discussions with two other local mobile operators.

“This is a strong move to maximise shareholder value by offering a full suite of fixed and mobile services, leveraging our quickly expanding broadband customer base of over 800,000 households,” said William Yeung, CEO and co-owner of HKBN.

The addition of mobile service will form a strong part of its quad-play offering, which comprises broadband, fixed-line telephone, OTT entertainment and sports, and now mobile services, it said in a statement.

HKBN’s fibre network reaches more than 2.1 million residential homes, or 79 per cent of Hong Kong’s total residential units, and more than 2,200 commercial buildings.

Hong Kong has four mobile operators: CSL, 3 Hong Kong, China Mobile and SmarTone.