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YouMail reinstated in Android Market, after T-Mobile criticisms addressed

13 DEC 2011

YouMail said that its app had been reinstated to the Android Market, after it was removed following a complaint from T-Mobile, attributing its woes to a “chain of events” – although much of the blame could be laid at the door of the company itself.

In a blog post, it acknowledged that 15,000 users who updated certain versions of the app had indeed got to a situation where “the app is polling our servers continuously,” and that “T-Mobile saying that we disrupted their network is fair, though we were unknowingly causing that.”

It also revealed that T-Mobile had made contact with the company, but by using its consumer support channels – “a way that was almost guaranteed to be ineffective.” While it said that it was “easy for the message to get lost in the shuffle,” comments on the post suggested that the company should pay more attention to its customer service channels.

The app was withdrawn from Android Market after T-Mobile contacted Google with data showing the impact the app was having, also stating that YouMail had not responded to its comments. This led to the removal of the app from the store.

YouMail said that once it had made contact with T-Mobile, it had created a “joint plan that included T-Mobile testing the app, our getting our beta into the store, and us driving users of the problematic app to upgrade to fix the issue.”

The developer also took an opportunity to reiterate criticism of Google’s “shoot first, ask questions later” process, noting that “it’s a problem that a single carrier – even with a legitimate issue on their network – can shut the app down on other networks.”


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