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Waze launches carpool app pilot

18 MAY 2016

Google’s traffic app business Waze partnered with companies in the San Francisco Bay Area to pilot a carpooling app.

The company said that employees can save on commuting costs and firms will see less strain on parking and reduced congestion at corporate facilities.

The app is similar to RideWith, a carpooling pilot app from Waze launched in the Gush Dan region of Israel last year.

Waze Carpool is currently available by invitation only to a selected group of employers and their commuters in the Bay Area.

It connects riders and drivers with similar commutes based on their home and work addresses. Using Waze’s mapping capabilities, the platform connects carpool partners from the same local community.

The app maker indicated it wants to “grow the community” and will accept more riders in the future.

According to The Wall Street Journal, riders will pay drivers $0.54 per mile, and Google’s parent Alphabet won’t take a cut during the pilot.

The report also said that the move puts Google in direct competition with Uber, though the two have been considered allies since Google invested $250 million in the ride-hailing app in 2013.

However, the carpool app and the fact that Uber is working on mapping and driverless car technology, which could compete with Google’s self-driving car efforts, may strain relations.

Last month, Waze defended itself against claims its app could be used to track the location of users.


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