SKT develops AR platform for Project Tango

SK Telecom develops AR platform for Project Tango

01 JUN 2015

South Korea’s SK Telecom (SKT) announced it has partnered with Google’s Project Tango to develop an augmented reality (AR) platform.

Tango is a Google-led project that combines 3D-motion tracking with depth sensing.

The T-AR platform for Project Tango, introduced at Google’s I/O developer forum, combines SKT’s T-AR platform with Tango’s motion tracking, depth perception and area learning capabilities, SKT said in a statement.

The T-AR platform is based on the international AR standard ARML 2.0 and combines a server that manages AR content/services and an AR browser, equipped with an image recognition/tracking and content rendering engine, that allows users to create, test and execute an AR service.

SKT said it has been providing key features of the T-AR browser — including location tracking, image recognition/tracking, content rendering and ARML analysis — in the form of SDK since last October to enable developers to create AR services to be used in areas like advertisement, education and publishing.

Combined with this upgraded 3D learning capability, SKT said T-AR will lay the foundation for many new AR and virtual reality services to enhance customers’ experience at museums, shopping malls and factories.


Joseph Waring

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