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Google extends paid-for app support through Play

13 APR 2012

Google extended availability of paid-for apps and titles with in-app purchases to Czech Republic, Israel, Poland and Mexico via the Google Play store.

The company has previously been criticised for the limited monetisation options available to developers in many markets, which has limited the potential to make money when compared to Apple’s App Store, with its more integrated payments scheme.

It said that it will make additional announcements “as we continue to roll out our new billing infrastructure to buyers and sellers throughout the world.”

Google said in a blog post that once apps have been uploaded, they can be priced in the relevant currencies, published, and payments made into local bank accounts.

Developers based in Israel or Mexico who are currently selling apps through an AdSense merchant account will need to migrate to a Google Play developer account in the local currency.

Google also said it “encourages developers everywhere” to set prices for the products in the currencies of the new countries. Earlier this year, analyst firm Strategy Analytics warned that “Google is literally holding back the growth of mobile application monetisation.”


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