Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea reportedly teamed to block non-telecom companies from setting up private 5G networks by keeping them out of the country’s upcoming spectrum auction.

Financial Express reported the operators threatened a tepid participation in the 5G auction if non-telecom companies are admitted to the process due to the potential threat to their revenue.

One operator executive told Financial Express enterprises could hold an unfair advantage because they would not be subject to the same Department of Telecommunications conditions.

India’s government in February detailed plans to conduct a 5G auction later this year.

Financial Express reported a change in licensing terms would be required to enable companies to build private 5G networks, a move which the government would have to sign off.

While enterprises in India may be interested in constructing their own private 5G networks, the RF experience and physical assets involved could make partnerships with operators a more viable option.