PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has announced the industry’s first 5G smart transportation demonstration city in Guangzhou, along with the Guangzhou branch of China Mobile.

ZTE and the Guangzhou branch of China Mobile have launched “Guangzhou 5G Pilot City” project in April 2020. It aims to actively promote 5G rollout and application innovation in Guangzhou, so as to achieve Guangzhou’s leading position in 5G networks, applications, and ecosystem.

“Guangzhou 5G Pilot City” project features innovative 5G applications in five major transportation scenarios, including high-speed railway, subway, bus, road administration and the Internet of Vehicles.

In addition, the project has witnessed the deployments of the world’s first 5G smart high-speed railway application, the world’s first 5G SA wireless hard slicing subway application, the world’s first 5G intelligent fast bus dispatch system application, world-leading smart Internet of Vehicles application and the world’s first 5G road inspection system in Guangzhou.

By means of multi-dimensional coverage, ZTE and the Guangzhou branch of China Mobile have built a seamless 5G network, making 5G signals more efficient and stable, and providing better user experiences as well.

In addition, 5G technologies can help realize visualization and intelligentization of traffic safety and scheduling management, enabling traffic management departments to transform from traditional O&M to commercial operations, thereby laying a solid foundation for building a smart city in Guangzhou.

Moving forward, ZTE will continue to work with China Mobile to promote 5G innovations, accelerate the digital transformation in various industries, and facilitate a sustainable urban development.