Verizon readied a deal offering access to Microsoft Xbox gaming bundles on the US operator’s 5G services, opening a door to incremental revenue by tapping into one of the premiere use cases for the technology.

The Xbox All Access bundle includes a game system and access to Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft’s online library of content. Verizon plans to light the service on 28 July.

Verizon stated the library of more than 100 games can be accessed on some smart TV’s, PCs and mobile devices, alongside dedicated consoles.

The operator lined up the offer for its ultra-wideband and home broadband services, which are each available in some parts of its 5G footprint.

Verizon is tapping gaming as means to offer a premiere 5G service offering more than the faster data rates operators have focused on in their consumer propositions so far.

The operator is offering access to the content and an Xbox Series S for $24.99 per month over a two year contract, with an Xbox Series X bundle from $34.99, all in addition to its mobile fees.