Energy shortages caused by geopolitical issues could strain mobile network infrastructure in Europe, Reuters reported, with its sources claiming a prospect of outages given the power back up situation in some countries.

The news website claimed there was a potential of power cuts and energy rationing in some countries as the current Ukraine crisis and related supply issues with sourcing Russian gas continue to hamper Europe’s energy supply.

Citing unidentified industry executives, Reuters added there was a fear many European countries did not have sufficient back up systems to handle widespread power outages which could occur as winter hits, leading to the prospect of mobile network problems.

Various regulators, industry figures and governments are said to be working on mitigation measures with calls from parties to ensure communications infrastructure stays online during any potential energy shortages.

Operators consulted by the publication also noted there were a range of power-saving measures they could undertake with their equipment, including network optimisation.

Reuters noted although battery back-ups were in place in much of the infrastructure in Europe, most of these had a limit of 30 minutes.