Satellite player OneWeb expanded commercial service availability to 37 countries in Europe and a large segment of the US, as it continues to target full global coverage by the end of the year.

The company is in the process of adding the necessary ground stations to provide global service after completing its constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) birds earlier this year.

Its latest coverage upgrade extends OneWeb’s range to areas above the latitude of 35-degrees north.

New countries added include Austria, Italy, France and Portugal. Alongside large parts of the US, the service now covers the entirety of Canada having previously only served part of the nation.

OneWeb targets the provision of wholesale services to companies including ISPs and communications operators. It has inked a number of deals with mobile players for rural connectivity and backhaul.

The provider claims its service will open opportunities in delivery of education, healthcare, commerce and economic development in regions without easy access to terrestrial services.

OneWeb chief customer officer Stephen Beynon said it is “seeing increased demand for our service” highlighting a target of serving “more maritime, government, enterprise and aviation customers than ever before”, alongside communications companies.