Microsoft is set to hold a hardware-focused event later this month, although it is unlikely the company will launch its anticipated Surface smartphone.

Since Microsoft’s restructure of its devices business, and with its promised focus on sectors where it still has something to offer, it has been expected the company will unveil a Surface-branded smartphone targeting high-end users.

Over a number years, the Surface tablet business has proved to be something of a star for the company, providing it with the opportunity to show what it can do when controlling the hardware and software experience.

According to CNet, Microsoft’s new phone hardware will arrive “late 2017 or maybe even not until 2018”, marking a long hiatus for the company’s own-brand hardware in this space. And by-and-large, third party vendors are also not supporting Windows for mobile phones.

Microsoft has previously said that smartphones are not an immediate focus, as it looks to build the position of Windows 10 in markets closer to its core computing business. But the company is still turning its back on a potentially massive market, with smartphones unlikely to lose their significance any time soon.

Earlier reports said that Microsoft will not unveil a new version of its Band wearable, either.

With regard to what will be launched, the most likely product to debut is an “all-in-one” PC with a “modern and elegant design”. And the core Surface tablet line is also set for an update.