The big three mobile operators in Spain – Movistar, Orange and Vodafone – will launch joyn-embedded devices this month.

The first models to carry joyn natively will be the Samsung Galaxy SIII, LG Optimus L9, HTC One S, Nokia Lumia 920 and Sony Xperia Z.

The RCS-based service, marketed under the joyn brand name, made its debut in Spain over a year ago. By November, all three network operators said they had a fully interoperable joyn capability up and running. Users, however, had to download the joyn client to make use of the cross-network real-time communication services.

According to Telefonica, which runs Movistar, the new devices have undergone a rigorous certification process to merit carrying the joyn logo.

Customers with handsets using Android 2.2 or subsequent versions can still download the joyn application from Google Play.

Telefonica says an iOS version of Joyn will soon be available, although no firm dates are given.

The Spanish giant says additional Joyn services are on the way, such as VoIP and video over IP. These services will be available over cellular or Wi-Fi networks, but a timetable for their launch has yet to be announced.