Huawei unveiled an upgraded version of its AI assistant designed to meet industry-specific needs, as the vendor continues to jostle for position in the segment.

During the company’s developer conference, CEO and executive director at Huawei Cloud Zhang Ping’an (pictured) said the latest intelligent assistant, dubbed Pangu Models 3.0, has the potential to “reshape industries”, touting improved capabilities and faster response times.

Huawei stated the model was trained on “open industry datasets” spanning finance, manufacturing, and government to meteorology, allowing it to perform specific industry tasks on top of more common AI features.

The company is pushing the model as being different from other AI models in that it focuses on industrial usages rather than generating content.

Huawei has already worked with the Chinese government to launch an intelligent government service assistant based on a foundation model trained on more than 20,000 government data covering policy documents and service processes.

Its previous models were also deployed in railway systems, mining and pharmaceuticals.

Nikkei Asia reported Huawei’s AI system is based on the company’s own hardware as it does not have access to powerful GPUs on which other companies trained their models due to restrictions placed on the vendor by the US.

Meanwhile, fellow Chinese player Alibaba also unveiled an AI image generator similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E.