Dish Network followed through on a plan to offer the iPhone 14 on its post-paid Boost Infinite brand, targeting a subscriber increase for the nascent 5G service.

A representative for Dish Network told Mobile World Live (MWL) it is working with Apple to bring compatibility for its 5G network later this year.

Executives outlined plans to offer the iPhone 14 on Boost Infinite on an earnings call last month, during which chair Charlie Ergen explained it would be very difficult to be successful in the post-paid sector without an Apple smartphone.

Last week, Boost Infinite unveiled its latest tariff, offering unlimited talk, text and data, along with a trade-in scheme centred on iPhones for $50 per month.

Wave7 Research principal Jeff Moore told MWL he is highly sceptical of the move due to a severe lack of retail or branding presence for Boost Infinite.

“Fundamentally, Boost Infinite is a minor MVNO, like many others, with little voice or presence”