VIDEO INTERVIEWMobile operators are becoming less resistant to change and more willing to adopt new technologies, including NFV (network function virtualisation), as they move to make their networks more agile and cost-efficient, according to Nishi Kant, CEO of Connectem.

Kant, who heads a US-based start-up specialising in NFV, argues that these players are beginning to see more clearly the benefits of network transformation.

“The encouraging thing is that now you hear from the largest operators that they are embracing change, they want to be fast adopters, they want to be moving with their fastest speed, so that challenge is going away,” he told Mobile World Live.

According to Kant, virtualisation technology will enable the transformation of mobile networks and the creation of new business models, such as the dynamic allocation of content and a bigger role in commerce.

“[Legacy] networks are rigid,” he explained, “so they don’t elastically scale on their own. It’s always hard to do new things he flexibility is lacking.”

One of the first operators to trial Connectem technology is Optus in Australia. The start-up is also working with operators in South Korea, Japan, Europe and North America.

You can watch the full interview here.