Airtel’s Tanzania mobile money division linked-up with international payment network provider TerraPay to open the ability for users to make purchases through its system while travelling in the UAE.

In a statement on the launch of the service, Airtel Money director Andrew Rugamba cited a desire by the operator to address challenges its users had making payments while travelling to Dubai.  

“The rising number of Tanzanian travellers visiting the United Arab Emirates for diverse purposes, such as trade, tourism, official visits, and government missions, is a clear reflection of the increasing demand,” he added, explaining its deal “eliminates the need for travellers to carry large sums of cash or go through the hassle of currency exchange each time they journey to the UAE.”

Transactions in the country made through Airtel Money will carry no additional charge, TerraPay noted.

The move is the latest between an Airtel Money company and TerraPay targeting travel to the UAE with the operator’s division in Uganda signing a similar deal earlier this year.