Singtel, the largest operator in Singapore, stepped up its transition to clean energy, announcing one of its data centres in the city state is using solar energy to generate 10 per cent of its annual power requirements.

The rooftop installation consists of 4,292 solar panels covering an area of 8,205 square metres, or the size of two football fields. It generates about 2,059MWh of energy per year.

Andrew Buay, VP of group sustainability at Singtel, said a cornerstone of its sustainability efforts is “our aspiration to leave the smallest environmental footprint even as our business continues to expand”.

As part of the operator’s environmental sustainability strategy, it aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Buay said it recognises its green initiatives are increasingly important to customers, particularly enterprises outsourcing their ICT operations to Singtel, with the aim to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Among Singtel’s existing renewable energy installations, the data centre in Bedok is the largest generator of clean energy.

To deliver against its net-zero emissions goal, Buay said the company will continue to explore long-term renewable energy supply options, invest in technology to improve energy efficiency across its network infrastructure and operating systems, and work with partners in the supply chain.