Operator 3 UK highlighted improvements in energy efficiency at sites where it deployed Ericsson’s AI-toting hardware and software, with a 70 per cent improvement recorded in some locations.

In a statement, the operator claimed various sustainability benefits from the deployment of the kit, which forms part of an ongoing network modernisation drive. Over the last 18 months it has deployed Ericsson energy efficient radios alongside AI and data analytics tools.

The operator stated the collaboration resulted in an improvement in network energy efficiency of up to 70 per cent “at selected sites”. Its upgrade has apparently also delivered improved network performance while reducing site footprint and carbon emissions.

“Thanks to advanced machine learning, passive cooling and power-saving features, the new generation of radio works autonomously across 4G and 5G networks to switch off radio components when not active, while having the capability to switch on again in microseconds for the next service request”, the operator stated.

Evangelia Tzifa, CTO networks and managed services at Ericsson UK and Ireland said its work with 3 UK is “redefining the network of the future and making it both smarter and more energy efficient”.