UK mobile operator Three is having discussions with the country’s other mobile operators about becoming involved with their mobile payments venture. According to a story in the Financial Times, Three has had “informal” talks with the other operators ahead of the submission of the proposed venture next month to the European Commission for approval.  Three, which is the smallest of the country’s operators, has previously complained of being unfairly excluded from the joint venture between Vodafone, Telefonica O2 and Everything Everywhere, and has called for the commission to block its rivals’ venture.  For their part, the three operators have said Three can access their platform on the same terms as them without being a partner in the venture.

The three operators will submit their proposal to the EC in mid-January. The intention is to build a joint technology platform over which the operators will offer competing mobile payment services to users. Currently the venture is code named Project Oscar but with plans to unveil a proper brand next year. The operators have also begun the search for a chief executive for the venture.