Starbucks is bringing its click-and-collect service from the US to UK, as part of a £30 million technology-based revamp of its business, according to The Telegraph.

The report is consistent with a previous statement made by the company that it will add the mobile order & pay feature to its app in the UK. But it does not say when the feature will debut. Previously, the coffee giant talked about launching the feature in the UK and Canada before the end of 2015.

The company is already aiming for a US-wide rollout of mobile order & pay, which enables users to order their coffee remotely and then collect in-store, by year-end.

The £30 million tech-driven investment also includes an upgrade to the Wi-Fi available in its shops, as well as installing charging mats following a trial earlier this year. And Starbucks signed a new agreement with Spotify which will offer a jukebox function in stores and enable consumers to use their Starbucks loyalty points on the music streaming service

“It’s the little details about how do we eliminate the barriers to a great experience, whether it’s a queue, a click or giving someone secure Wi-Fi,” said Kris Engskov, Starbucks president of Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The report suggested that the investment plan was motivated by the negative consumer reaction that broke in the UK in 2012 following revelations over the low level of corporation tax paid by the company.