Sprint unveiled a smartwatch aimed at children which allows parents to increase security by getting information about their offspring’s location and messaging activity.

A launch statement issued by the company explained its WatchMeGo includes Kidomi, an entertainment and educational app for children aged four years- to 13 years-old. Sprint also emphasised the device’s durability, including water resistance, a “highly rugged Gorilla Glass watch face” and a battery of 400mAh capacity.

WatchMeGo comes with 4GB of ROM and 512MB RAM, and is powered by Arm Cortex A7 processor.

It boasts real-time GPS tracking through a custom app, and allows parents and children to exchange voice and text messages.

Doug Smith, Sprint VP of product innovation and product marketing, described the device as “the perfect solution for parents with little ones who aren’t yet ready for their first phone”, citing its ability to track “the location of your child almost anywhere using GPS and communicate through text or voice messages”.

WatchMeGo also notifies parents whenever their child’s device enters or leaves a defined safety zone, and be alerted if an SOS button is activated.

Parental control was recently spotlighted by Facebook, which announced new tools and features for parents to manage their childrens’ experiences in the Messenger Kids app.