One New Zealand set the goal of giving users a real-time view of customer service levels by posting a range of key metrics on its website, starting with daily updates of average call wait times and the number of inbound calls.

In a statement, the operator noted the data will be updated in real time in the coming months.

One New Zealand SME and consumer director Chris Fletcher said it wants customers to “see exactly how we’re doing with our customer service on any given day”. He stated by publishing the information, “we are working out loud, bringing our customers on the journey with us”.

A banner on the Contact Us page showed an average call wait time of 35 seconds yesterday (3 October) and 6,198 inbound calls, with an abandonment rate of 4 per cent.

Fletcher added the total number of calls received from customers over the past 12 months dropped by 25 per cent, highlighting a general improvement in overall service.

Customer research showed a 13 per cent increase in network experience in Q3, a 10 per cent rise in customers reporting dealing with a knowledgeable and friendly representative and a 10 per cent increase in trust.