Japan-based Line debuted a social scoring system designed to tailor promotions and other offers to users, as well as a new platform which will allow merchants to create searchable pages within its messaging app.

Unveiled at the company’s annual conference, Line Score uses AI to analyse activity patterns alongside user-submitted information about interests and preferences to offer customised deals and experiences.

For example, Line said users will gain access to different offers for services like shared parking, clothing, transportation and housekeeping based on their score. It will also be used to determine interest rates and credit limits for users who apply for a loan from Line’s forthcoming Pocket Money service.

The company added Line Score is an opt-in service and stressed user consent will always be required before scores are calculated or shared with partner companies. It added it will not use call or chat data to calculate scores.

Mini me
The company also announced plans to launch Line Mini App (pictured), a new service platform which will allow users to search for services within its broader messaging app.

Pages can be used to list information about services and pricing, take reservations, issue coupons, accept payment and set up loyalty programs.

Line said the move will eliminate the need for users to download separate apps or conduct web searches outside its platform, creating a user experience which “seamlessly blurs the line between online and offline”.

A soft launch of Line Mini App is coming later this year, with a full launch to follow in early 2020.

Other updates
Line unveiled a series of other updates at its conference including the addition of an OpenChat feature to its main messaging app to allow users to create group chats based on specific interests.

It also announced an overhaul of its Line Music app, with an updated user interface and new colour themes, an equaliser to adjust sound quality, and an AI-enabled recommendation engine. The company said it is also planning to launch a freemium model of the service later this year, which will give users access to 54 million songs.