LG Electronics announced an update to its user interface, at the same time confirming that it plans to launch its next flagship, G4, “at the end of the month”.

In a statement, the company said that until now, enhancements have been “focused on delivering greater convenience to all users”. However, it said with version 4, its efforts now centre on “providing more optimised and intuitive convenience to each individual at every user level for optimal  enjoyment of their LG device”.

This has included simplifying the UI design and making features simpler to use by removing unnecessary configuration steps. Examples given were Quick Shot, which enabled pictures to be taken quickly by double-tapping the handset’s rear key, even when the display is off; and Smart Bulletin, which automatically aggregates information from multiple apps on the same page.

The new UI is also said to provide users with a “wider range of options based on their own preferences and interests”. The new camera offers three user modes, to meet needs from basic to advanced; while an improved calendar adds additional tools “to get more done with less typing by simply touching and gesturing”.

Other highlighted improvements include an updated Smart Notice feature which “promises to provide more personalised notifications for weather, travel and more” by analysing a user’s daily routine or travel schedule, and combining this information with the user’s “lifestyle habits”.