Jawbone has launched a new version of its UP wearable tracking device, having been forced to halt production of the original a year ago after users’ complaints following a fault-strewn launch.

The device (pictured) looks basically the same as its predecessor and tracks movement, sleep patterns, eating habits, mood and also offers what Jawbone describes as “personalised insights” to users.

In addition to the physical device, users download an app to their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Among the problems experienced by the original UP were shortcomings to its water resistance, failure to sync with the accompanying iOS-based app and problems with the device’s electronics when it was twisted and bent by users as part of everyday use.

Unlike other mobile health trackers, the UP does not rely on a Bluetooth link to send data to a mobile device. Instead it transfers data via 3.5mm headphone jack to an Apple device.

The device, which costs US$130, is entering a growth market for wearable devices but Jawbone is not the only one to have noticed it. It faces strong competition from the like of Nike’s Fuelband.