App developer Flomio is seeking funds for the Flojack, a dongle that can be fitted onto Apple devices and transforms them into NFC readers. The firm is currently trying to raise the necessary investment via Kickstarter to manufacture the device.

The omission of NFC from the latest iPhone was a blow for Flomio, so the firm responded by building the Flojack which fits into the audio jacks of the more recent iPhones, iPod touchs, as well as the iPad. The device also works with Android devices, even though there is presumably less demand given the number of Android devices that already offer NFC technology.

According to RFID Journal, Flomio has raised US$16,500 from investors to date via Kickstarter. It is seeking a total of US$80,000 to enable a commercial release for the Flojack and has 2-3 weeks left to reach its target.