ADVERTORIAL: ALBtelecom has been honoured with the ‘Golden Bee’ 2016 award in the category ‘Innovative Entrepreneurship of the year,’ for innovative solutions offered through its business platform Smart Business.

The Gala event ‘Golden Bee 2016’ was organised by the country’s Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Entrepreneurship.

ALBtelecom was one of 5 companies nominated for the award.golden-bee-2016

The ‘Innovative Entrepreneurship of the year’ award was handed to the Chairman of the Board of ALBtelecom, Mr. Giuseppe Farina.

During his salutatorian speech Mr. Farina thanked the organisers and underlined the importance of this prize for the company.

“Innovation for us is a must. Without innovation it is impossible to move forward, and I believe that innovation in providing services and products, in technology where ALBtelecom is leader, is as important as innovation in relations with clients. This is our strategy and our effort: to bring innovation and create business platforms for each entrepreneur in order to support everyone to grow and to do business,” said the Chairman of the Board.

He said he was deeply honoured to represent a company with more than 100 years of experience, noting that “even though we are a local company, we are acting and moving forward as a global one.” At the end of his speech, Chairman Farina addressed his special thanks to all dedicated employees for their innovative ideas offering state-of-the art solutions, and the newest and most advanced products and services.

ALBtelecom is a unique company with integrated services, offering the widest range of services under the concept ‘One Stop Shop’, where users can find fixed and mobile telephony, internet, ALBwifi and WiFi in public areas, television, cloud services etc.