Mobile payments vendor Accumulate has filed a lawsuit in the District Court of Stockholm against rival Seamless Distribution for patent infringement.

Both Swedish firms compete in the emerging market for payments via mobile devices at the point of sale.

Accumulate said the lawsuit relates to Seamless’ mobile payment solution, which is called SEQR. The firm said it has made “significant efforts over a long period to negotiate with Seamless” but its competitor “has not been willing to co-operate”

Now, it said in its statement, “Accumulate requires Seamless to stop the use and marketing of SEQR”.

The firm says it has an extensive patent portfolio, with some patents across several countries. The alleged infringement relates to a Swedish patent, it said.

Accumulate’s mobile payment solution was introduced in 2009, which is earlier than SEQR and is more widely adopted, with over 50,000 merchants compared to approximately 3,000 for SEQR, said the statement.