As an attempt to capitalise on the popularity of video streaming apps, Yahoo launched a search app called Yahoo Video Guide – “a faster way to find and stream your favourite movies and TV shows in the cord-cutting age”.

After performing a search, the app will take the user straight to the video by redirecting them to the right app on the phone, be it HBO, Netflix, Amazon or other services.

“As your favourite movies and TV shows continue to migrate from the cable box and into a variety of streaming services, it’s becoming increasingly painful to actually find and watch them,” it explained as its motive for the new product.

The app also includes a “mood picker” feature for users looking for recommendations, based on the selection of a GIF that matches current mood.

According to TechCrunch, the app checks to see which apps a user has, so it doesn’t try to redirect it to one that is not installed.

Yahoo Video Guide also supports services like Showtime, YouTube, and dozens of TV networks, the report said.

The app is available to download for free in the US for iOS and Android users.

Last week, Yahoo revamped its messenger app with animated gif search features plus the ability to unsend messages.