Wirecard beefed up its presence in North America with the launch of a mobile app designed to advance its strategy of digitalising the personal finance sector.

The company claimed a leading position in the region, stating millions of consumers already use its payment solutions which are offered by a number of businesses. The app can be co-branded with Wirecard’s clients and forms part of its “drive to advance the digital transformation of payments”.

Consumers can use the app to track balances, payments and transaction information. It also connects to old financial services through an ATM location feature.

Seth Brennan, MD of Wirecard North America, said the app integrates with the company’s existing payment solutions, bringing users “the latest digital tools” for managing their Wirecard accounts.

“Wirecard’s goal has always been to increase accessibility through investments in digital innovation. The mobile app is the latest piece of an ongoing effort to make cashless payments available to everyone.”

The app is available free on Android and iOS devices.