Twitter-owned Vine, a short video app which the social media giant pretty much shut down in 2016, could be resurrected through an unofficial successor called v2.

Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann is helming the project, TechCrunch reported, with the aim of launching the app later this year. Twitter is not associated with v2, although the logo of the app is quite similar to the original.

“Some things will be very familiar to people who have used Vine, but what we’re planning is equally an homage, follow-up, remake, and brand new thing” Hofman told TechCrunch, adding the app is currently in a “very very very limited alpha” testing stage.

Video length will range from 2 seconds to 6.5 seconds (on Instagram users can go up to 60 seconds) and users will be able to swtich from front camera to the rear-facing one while recording. Unlike most other camera apps, which tend to mimic Snapchat, v2 will not have any filters.

Hofmann plans on taking down videos which infringe on copyrighted material, unlike Vine, which was a bit lax on the issue. V2 will also look to protect content created via the app. Users may also be offered the option to reject content they do not want to see.

Twitter shut down the app in October 2016 without any explanation and then said two months later that the app would live on as a pared-down camera offering.