Skype announced it will stop supporting version 7 of its app on 15 November despite user backlash against the current iteration.

The company launched version 8, what it called its next generation app, in June 2017, but a year later it found itself once again redoing the app because customers complained some of its core features were becoming “over complicated”.

This also led the company to delay scrapping older versions, because users still wanted them. There was even a petition by a user called Nisse Hult to keep the older version for desktop, support for which will end 1 November.

The petition, which has over 1000 signatures, slated “this new mobile-first/touch based GUI [graphical user interface]” adding “the new version of Skype (v8) will not meet the needs of today’s professional Skype users”.

Now Skype has said it will end support for version 7, but is “continuing to work on your most requested features”.

Earlier this month Skype said it is scrapping Highlights, a feature similar to Snapchat’s popular Stories functionality, because it didn’t “resonate with a majority of users”.