Social media company Pinterest acquired video editing app provider Vochi for an undisclosed sum, as it presses on with efforts to expand the multimedia options available on its platform for content creators.

In a statement announcing the deal, Pinterest noted the Vochi app would continue to be available as a standalone service for the time being, with the social media company primarily aiming to use the assets to improve its own platform.

It added the acquisition was “part of our commitment to helping creators bring more quality video content to Pinterest”.

Vochi’s app provides various video editing facilities it claims can be done within a minute, including the ability to add effects and overlays onto existing footage, and fade or delete elements. It is primarily aimed at content creators.

Pinterest’s purchase is the latest attempt to move outside of its initial remit of being a sharing site for designs, ideas, internet links and other images, towards providing a range of content options.

In October, the company strengthened its push into the mobile video space with the launch of Pinterest TV, a service providing a platform for its content creators to sell items during live product-focused videos.