Apptimize, a provider of optimisation tools for mobile applications, closed a $4 million Series A funding round, to support its products which “cut app iteration time down from months to minutes”.

The round, led by Costanoa Venture Capital, brings total funding to $6 million, after a $2.1 million seed round in January last year.

“The new funds will further revolutionise the mobile development process by enabling product managers, designers, marketers, and developers to make instant updates to their mobile app without having to code or redeploy their app,” the company said on its blog.

Apptimize offers A/B testing, instant updates and a codeless installation process, allowing developers to push changes to users in real-time and A/B those changes without App or Play Store approvals.

Other features include analytics, feature flagging, staged rollout, results segmentation and filtering and advanced targeting.

Aptimize said that although the mobile industry is moving at an incredibly fast pace, mobile app development is “one of the slowest things out there” because the development, QA, and deployment cycle take 6-12 weeks for a fast moving app.

In order to get faster iteration speed, some apps have opted to integrate non-native components into their app (HTML5) at the sacrifice of performance and user experience.

Aptimize is attempting to speed things up by letting mobile app development teams get continuous data-driven deployment without sacrificing the native experience.

“The company cuts app iteration time down from months to minutes so that mobile product managers can push out a change instantly and immediately start gathering data on whether or not that change made a statistically significant improvement to the app before spending weeks coding,” said Nancy Hua, its CEO.