Millennial Media, an independent mobile ad marketplace, has said it will offer “100 per cent viewability guarantee” for in-app mobile advertising campaigns and will be working with Integral Ad Science, which helps users assess the value of ad opportunities and maximise ROI.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) said in its State of Viewability report that viewable ads “make digital advertising more accountable and comparable to other media” while Daniel Michelson, digital innovation and capability lead at Telefónica UK, described viewability as “a critical piece of the digital ad puzzle.”

According to Michael Barrett, president and CEO of Millennial Media, “the mobile ad ecosystem is desperately seeking guidelines around viewability” and the company is “choosing the highest standard possible by offering a 100 per cent in-app viewability guarantee”.

He said Integral Ad Science is the only at-scale vendor that can currently measure in-app viewability, adding that his company is “committed to becoming the largest mobile marketplace that provides 100 per cent viewable, brand safe, and fraud free impressions.”

Jason Kelly, president of managed Media at Millennial Media, said 2015 will be “a year of transition”.

“This is the year that viewability standards will be defined. We will make data from all campaigns available to the IAB and its working groups to help them understand the drivers of viewability and how to improve it.”

“As we build trust in mobile, the ad dollars will finally catch up to consumer behaviour,” he commented.

A recent study by Juniper Research revealed that annual revenue from apps is expected to reach $99 billion by 2019, with games accounting for the largest share of revenue. And as the market for apps becomes more and more competitive, marketers are turning to TV to promote products.