InMobi, a mobile advertising platform, and TalkingData, a Chinese big data company, partnered to create a “private, mobile-first audience platform (PMAP)” for advertisers in China.

As a part of this partnership, InMobi and TalkingData will work on jointly built audience segments for the next two years.

TalkingData will provide data that will aid with targeting, audience personas, geo-context targeting and affinity targeting for campaigns on InMobi’s mobile ad network.

Meanwhile, InMobi will share performance data from these campaigns to help TalkingData improve segment features and definitions.

Through this partnership, more than 60,000 clients including mobile developers and mobile-first enterprises who work with TalkingData will be enabled access to and benefit from PMAP, InMobi said in a statement.

“With an eye on booming commerce advertising spends and a growing d-commerce (discovery commerce) opportunity, TalkingData will develop functionalities that enable a post-install attribution mechanism and re-targeting through unique parameters unavailable to other independent ad networks to help InMobi address the needs of advertisers better,” the statement added.

InMobi says it helps consumers discover products through mobile advertising, what it calls discovery commerce. It says it has enabled “over 100 billion discovery sessions on mobile devices across a billion users every month, becoming the largest discovery platform in the world.”

The two will explore opportunities to work on product integrations to enhance real-time targeting and retargeting capabilities.

“InMobi is taking significant steps towards making mobile ads more personalised, ads that are designed uniquely for you and not a one-size-fits-all approach,” said Naveen Tewari, CEO of InMobi.

According to an Economic Times report, InMobi recently raised $100 million in new debt from a consortium of lenders led by US-based Tennenbaum Capital Partner.