Google Play overtook Apple’s App Store in terms of mobile game spending in Germany and Spain in January, according to figures from analyst firms Newzoo and Distimo.

Newzoo CEO Peter Warman told Mobile World Live that Google Play’s share of spending in Germany and Spain increased from 47 per cent in December to 51 per cent in January.

The shift took place sooner than had been anticipated, with Google Play generally lagging behind the App Store in terms of spending. Google Play takes just 36 per cent of combined revenue in Europe and 33 per cent in the US.

The figures also showed that mobile gamers globally spent $300 million more in January compared to the previous June. The level of mobile game spending remained at the same level as December, which saw a 20 per cent boost due to the Christmas period.

Newzoo found that Supercell’s ‘Clash of Clans’ remained the top performing game on iOS in January, followed by King’s ‘Candy Crush Saga’. Seven of the top 20 titles were developed by Asian companies — the highest proportion to date.

On Google Play, ‘Clash of Clans’ returned to the top spot in January, ousting ‘Candy Crush Saga’. Kakao’s ‘Monster Taming’ fell from fourth spot to seventh.

King was the top game publisher on iOS, swapping places with Supercell. EA was in third place, followed by GungHo Online and Kabam.

King was also number one in Google Play, while Supercell was ranked second, after climbing from fourth spot.