Google has launched Google Play, an integrated content service which it said “replaces and extends Android Market.”

In a blog post, the company noted that it has extended the store to web users as well as Android device owners, and added music, games and movies to its portfolio. It said that “with a strong brand, compelling offerings, and seamless purchasing and consumption experience, Google Play will drive more traffic and revenue to the entire ecosystem.”

The company told developers that Google Play is built on the same infrastructure as Android Market, so the transition for users will be seamless. No changes are needed to existing products, and developers can continue to use the same tools to create products.

Indeed, apps are the constant across the markets the service is being rolled out – music, for example, will only be available in the US. It said “our long-term goal is to roll out as many different types of content as possible to people around the world, and we’ll keep adding new content to keep it fresh.”

For device users, the Android Market app will be replaced by the Play Store app.