Apps analytics firm Flurry said that “Amazon’s bet to fork Android in order to put consumers into their own shopping experience on Kindle Fire appears to be paying off,” with the company already delivering more than three times the revenue for its developers via its Appstore than Google does with Google Play.

Based on an assessment of revenue generated by in-app purchases over a 45 day period early in 2012, for every US$1 generated by Apple’s App Store, the Amazon store generates US$0.89 and Google Play just US$0.23. This is consistent with an earlier analysis of Apple and Google conducted by Flurry.

The company notes that Apple already has retail experience including its iTunes digital content store, while Amazon “invented the one-click purchase, perfected online shopping with data, efficiency and customer service.”

In contrast, Google’s strength is in search and online advertising. It was suggested that in order to maintain developer support in face of growing competition, this company will need to “reduce commerce friction.”