The makers of the Famigo app, which ensures families receive safe content on mobile devices, have launched a specialised app store for children.

“We select and curate each piece of content with a sharp eye for educational and entertainment value. Famigo Marketplace makes it easy for families to find and purchase the best children’s content out there,” said CEO Q Beck.

Families can purchase bundles of content for kids while teachers and schools will soon be able to access the content in specialised education bundles.

The marketplace will also help app developers “enjoy the benefit of an additional distribution platform,” the company said.

Famigo is free to try, with basic monthly subscription pricing starting at $0.99, and $4.99 for complete access to features like apps, ebooks, educational content, web games, kid browser and childlock.

It comes pre-installed on many devices and is also available in select 2015 GM cars.

Last month, YouTube launched an app for children that only features videos safe for kids, with large images and bold icons.