Facebook rolled out a group video chat feature on its Messenger app and desktop service allowing up to 50 people to participate on a single call.

In a blog post, Facebook product manager for Messenger Stephanie Taine, explained a single call allowed for up to six people to be seen simultaneously, but a total of 50 people can join by listening in, participating via voice, or on camera.

Once more than six people join the call, only the dominant speaker is shown to all participants.

Facebook’s offering is perhaps one of the most robust in the industry, The Verge noted, given that Google Hangouts and Microsoft have a 10 person limit on their consumer products. However, in terms of access, all three services lag behind Line Messenger.

The company last week took the wraps of its own group video calling feature allowing up to 200 people to participate on a call.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp also introduced group video calling on its app last month.