UK’s EE provided an insight into user trends on its mobile network in the country during the Covid-19 (coronavirus) lockdown period, as it recorded a significant increase in data consumption for communication apps.

In its Mobile Network data report, which looked into the lockdown trends from 23 March 2020, EE found videoconferencing service Zoom to be particularly popular, with data use doubling during the lockdown period compared to earlier in the year. Users of the tool also increased fivefold.

In total, EE saw data usage increase 45 per cent for apps primarily used to communicate virtually, such as video chat service Houseparty, WhatsApp, Skype and Microsoft Teams.

The report also highlighted increases in mobile data use for fitness apps such as Strava and MapMyRun, temporary dramatic spikes in online orders from large supermarket chains, as well as high data usage for food delivery service Deliveroo, starting from April.

Naturally, EE’s network has seen a huge decline in data used for travel and taxi booking service apps.

Data usage moves to suburbs
EE’s report showed data usage has moved from cities towards suburban areas, resulting in a 58 per cent drop in Central London. Meanwhile, daily peak data usage has transitioned from working hours to 8:00 pm as more people started to participate in evening activities through apps.

EE said time spent talking on the phone soared too, as voice calls lasting more than five minutes on average doubled in the period, while overall voice usage has soared by 45 per cent.