App discovery company Softonic and Tappx, a cross-promotion community for developers, announced a partnership to give access to free ad spots in Softonic’s mobile and desktop platforms as well as within apps such as Trivia Crack.

The Tappx open cross-promotion community, which it claims is the world’s largest, was launched in early 2014 and offers a channel for developers to help each other gain visibility. Participants earn credits when they host someone else’s ad in their app, which can be used to buy spots on other apps.

Tappx will now get access to Softonic’s global platform, which hosts more than 160,000 apps and is visited by more than 100 million users every month.

According to Scott Arpajian, CEO of Softonic. “Great apps should not fail to reach users because developers do not have the mega budgets of the big guys, and what Tappx has created is exactly what millions of developers around the world need”.

Tappx is available for Android, iOS and Firefox.