Deutsche Telekom launched a self-made cloud gaming service, promising low latency and a coordinated end-to-end experience.

The operator made its MagentaGaming offering available for customers using Windows PC, Mac and Android devices just more than a year after announcing plans for a beta release.

In a statement, Deutsche Telekom explained it has “about 100” games available and will keep track of users progress across multiple devices, while offering tools including restrictions based on age. It noted availability on Android smartphones and tablets removed the need to purchase “expensive hardware, even for technically demanding games”.

MagentaGaming uses a “decentralised EDGE cloud concept to keep the distance to the customer as short as possible”, the company stated, adding its fixed, LTE and 5G networks provide the high bandwidths necessary for a smooth online gaming experience.

Consumer MD Michael Hagspihl noted online gaming is “more demanding than other media” in terms of “speed, capacity and latency”.