There will soon be a surge of new titles reaching the market, and there are signs that the demand is there to support this, according to analytics firm Flurry.

Since January 2012, Flurry has seen an increase in the quarterly growth rate in app starts on its platform — an indicator of the health of the app economy.

App starts usually take place a couple of months before they appear in app stores, so provide an early indicator of what will be made available to consumers in the near future. The rate at which apps are started on the Flurry network almost doubled over the past 18 months.

Although there are suggestions that relatively few of the thousands of apps produced are being used, Flurry argues there is “plenty of whitespace for others”.

The number of app developers on the Flurry platform with more than 20 million monthly active users has increased from seven in Q1 2012 to 32 in Q3 2013, a 357 per cent growth in 18 months.


Over the same period, the number of developers with more than one million monthly active users has increased from 400 to 875; 121 per cent growth.

Flurry CEO Simon Khalaf said these numbers are unprecedented — particularly as most developers have risen organically, rather than through consolidation — and “app developers are finding millions of people to enjoy their apps and the content behind it”.

Khalaf said mobile developers are “simply acting accordingly” by producing so many mobile apps and games, as they have hopes of reaching the 1.2 billion people that now have access to a smartphone or tablet.