AppLovin dropped an acquisition by China-based private equity investment company Orient Hontai Capital for $1.4 billion, originally revealed in September 2016.

Instead, the mobile advertising company announced it secured $841 million in debt financing from Orient Hontai Capital.

The companies amended their agreement after the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS) pushed back against the acquisition, Reuters reported, explaining the government toughened its stance due to concerns about Chinese efforts to acquire US tech companies.

CFIUS had previously been worried about the security of AppLovin’s data if it was acquired by a non-US business, Reuters stated.

The companies have notified CFIUS of the new arrangement, but do not believe it will be scrutinised as it does not give Orient Hontai Capital any control of the company.

In a blog post, AppLovin CEO Adam Foroughi (pictured) said: “This debt financing allows us to maintain full control of our business while accessing additional capital to help finance our continued global growth. Our goal remains enabling developers of all sizes to grow their businesses”.

Orient Hontai Capital invested $140 million into the company for a 9.98 per cent ownership stake in January. The finance firm is an affiliate of Orient Securities Company, which invests in gaming companies including China Mobile Game Entertainment.